Yeh Shen


Yeh Shen’s life changed after the death of her father. Her stepmother and stepsister treated her badly. Yeh Shen’s only friend was a beautiful fish with golden eyes. Her stepmother could not see her happy and one day, she cooked the fish for dinner. A sad Yeh Shen took the fish-bones and kept them in a little jar. One day, her stepmother and stepsister went for the spring festival. Alone, Yeh Shen talked to the fish-bones and expressed her desire to go to the festival. Suddenly, a beautiful gown and tiny golden slippers appeared out of the jar.

Yeh Shen looked beautiful and grabbed all the attention at the festival. After the party, she ran and one of her golden slippers fell. The tiny golden slipper was passed on to the King. He sent people to search for the owner of the tiny golden slipper, and finally found Yeh Shen. The King was fascinated by her beauty and married her.

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