How the Rooster Got His Crown


It was believed that in earlier times, there were 9 suns in the sky. When there were no rains, the suns began to roast the earth. The people had to live in caves and could not come out during the day. All the wise people gathered to discuss the problem. An adept archer named Yi was called from a remote land. He used his archery techniques and shot the suns’ reflections in the pond. Out of nine, eight suns dropped down. Only one survived.

Yi was so scared that he hid in a cave and never came out. The earth turned dark. People made all the efforts to persuade the sun, but the sun did not come out. At last, the lowly rooster began singing. The sun was enthralled by the song and appeared. The sun heard the people cheering, enjoyed it and then returned to the heavens. People rewarded the rooster with a crown for his outstanding achievement in saving the earth.

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