Valiant Shu Lang

Valiant shu lang

Shu Lang was a brave girl. She was given military training by her father, a Chinese general. One day, Russia declared war on China. Shu Lang asked her father for the permission to go to the war. The general hesitated at first but then agreed. Shu Lang dressed up as a man and set off for the capital. On the way, Shu Lang, who named herself Ming, met a young man. His name was Chang and he also wanted to join the army.

They became good friends. After two days, they reached the capital and underwent training. A week later, they were sent to the war front. Shu Lang fought like a raging tigress. Her bravery stunned the Russians as well as the Chinese. The war went on for many days. None knew that Shu Lang was a girl, not even her best friend, Chang.

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