Lang and Chang

Lang and Chang

One day, the King called for Shu Lang and made her the leader. The Chinese put up a brave fight under Shu Lang’s leadership. One day, Shu Lang heard that the Russians were planning to attack at night. She assembled all the soldiers and ordered them to position themselves on the rooftop. At night, The Russians thought that the army would be sleeping, and they attacked. But the Russians were in for a surprise. A fierce battle followed.

The Russians were defeated and China won. After the victory celebration, Chang said, “Now the war is over, I will look for a good wife. Won’t you look for one too?” “No, I won’t. I think I need a bright groom,” replied Shu Lang. Everyone was surprised at the discovery, even the King. “Yes, Shu Lang, you have made us proud. I don’t need to search for a bride; you are the one for me,” said Chang.

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