Wrist-Finger Flexors& Extensors

Wrist-Finger Flexors:

Flexors are the muscles that flex a joint. A wrist and the adjoining fingers have multiple muscles that work together to bring about complex movements. Flexor muscles are found at the front side of the forearm. Flexor muscles help flex the wrist. A few of them are: flexor digiti, flexor retinaculum, etc. These muscles emerge from the humerus of the upper arm. The main function of wrist flexors is to bend the wrist towards the arm, while that of the finger flexors is to make a fist.

Wrist and Finger Extensors

Extensor muscles, as the name suggests, are the muscles which help extend the joints or stretch the joints. The wrist extensors are located at the back side of the lower arm. These muscles support the palm to move away from the arm. The extensor muscles help extend the hand at the wrist. A few of them are: extensor digiti, extensor retinaculum, etc.

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