To Tame a Tiger

A wife felt her husband had changed after he had come back from the war. She went to a hermit for a remedy. The hermit said, “There is a potion that will restore your husband to his earlier self, but you must bring me a live tiger’s whisker for it.” So, the woman took a bowl of rice covered with meat sauce. She went to a tiger’s cave and set the bowl there. Next day, she took another bowl to the cave. She saw that the first bowl was empty. Months passed by like this. One day, the tiger allowed her to rub his head. While petting the tiger, she cut his whisker off. She thanked the tiger and left. She took the whisker to the hermit. The hermit said, “You no longer need the whisker. If you can tame a wild beast, can’t you change your husband?” The woman understood the implication and left happily.

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