The White Ants


Ho Kwan was such a kind-hearted man that he had never killed any living being. He had kept a thousand pieces of silver in a jar. One day, it so happened that the white ants made their way into the jar and ate some of the silver. The members of Ho’s family traced the ants to a hollow cave. They decided to put the ants in a melting pot and recover the lost silver. But Ho was so kind that he did not let them kill the ants. At night, he dreamt that thousands of soldiers dressed in white took him to their King. The King said to Ho Kwan,

“By your kind act, our lives have been saved. The tree near your residence has a jar full of silver buried under it. Just dig that out and keep it for yourself. You are the perfect example of goodness.” When Ho awoke, he dug up under the tree and recovered a jar with a thousand silver coins.

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