The Fire-god


Long ago, in a certain village lived a rich man. One day, he got into his wagon and set out on a long journey. On the way, he met a girl dressed in red clothes. The girl requested him to take her along. The rich man agreed and she got into the wagon. He drove along for half a day without even glancing at her. Finally, when the girl was about to get down from the wagon she said, “You are a good and honest man. I will tell you the truth.

I am the god of fire. A fire will break out in your house tomorrow. So, save what you can!” Terrified, the rich man hastily ran home. He collected all his valuable possessions—clothes and jewels— and moved them away from the house. The moment he lay down to sleep, a fire broke out on the hearth. Soon, the entire building collapsed into dust and ashes. He thanked the Fire-god, as he had saved all his possessions.

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