A Painted Snake Makes a Man Sick


Le Guang was very friendly. One day, he invited one of his friends to his home. Le Guangrealised that something was wrong with his friend and so he asked him what the matter was. “It is all because of banquet held at your home. You proposed a toast to me and when we raised the glasses, I saw a little snake lying in the wine. Since then, I am feeling sick.” Le Guang was baffled. He looked around and noticed a bow with a painted snake hung on the wall. Now, Le Guang asked his friend to raise a toast again and pointed to the shade of the bow in the glass.

“That is the snake I saw last time!” said the friend. Le Guang laughed and took off the bow on the wall. “Can you see it now?” he asked. His friend was surprised as there was no snake. He recovered from his sickness and decided never to be too suspicious.

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