The Fisherman


Xiawudong was a kind-hearted fisherman. One day, he caught a very big fish. “Don’t kill me. If you release me, I will surely help you when you are in trouble,” said the fish. Xiawudong let the fish go. On his way back, he saw a python climbing up the rock to feast on some eaglets. “Stop! Or I’ll kill you!” shouted Xiawudong. The python escaped into the bushes. The eagle was far away but saw the incident.

It came down and thanked Xiawudong, “If fortune ever frowns upon you, come here and call me. I’ll be glad to help you!” Going forward, he saw a hunter aiming at the jackal. Xiawudong made a loud noise. The hunter missed his aim. “I am indebted to you, my rescuer. If you ever need my help, come back here and call out for me,” said the jackal to Xiawudong. He walked on.

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