The Test


Soon, Xiawudong came to a beautiful town. He saw a man being thrown into the dungeon because he could not pass the Princess’s test. He found out that the Princess was looking for a suitable match. Anyone wishing to marry the Princess had to hide in some place where she couldn’t find him! And she had a magic mirror that showed where the man was hiding! Xiawudong could not resist the challenge! And soon, Xiawudong was in the palace courtyard.

“Lead me to the Princess! I have come to seek her hand!” he announced in the court. “Do you know the test?” asked the Princess. “Yes! And I am ready for it,” Xiawudong replied. It was decided that the Princess would look in the mirror next day at dawn. Xiawudong had all night to hide himself. He went to the big fish to seek help. She asked Xiawudong to hide in her belly.

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