The Three Wishes | World Famous Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there lived a woodcutter with his wife in a village.

One day, his wife asked him to cut some thick trees in order to get more wood.

The woodcutter headed for a forest to cut down some thick trees.

No sooner had he picked up his axe to cut a tree than he heard a voice.

Soon a fairy appeared and said to him, “If you don’t cut this tree, I will grant your three wishes.” The woodcutter agreed.

The woodcutter ran back to his house with excitement.

He began to shout, “My dear wife, I will soon get a big treasure. A fairy told me to grant my three wishes.”

His wife said, “Don’t act in haste. Let’s wait until morning before we make a single wish.” “But now I am feeling very hungry. Let’s have our supper,” said the woodcutter.

“Supper will be ready in one hour,” said his wife. “But I wish I had some puddings right now,” said the woodcutter. Soon some puddings appeared on the table.

His wife said angrily, “You fool! You wasted one wish.” The woodcutter was upset over her humiliating remarks. He said, “I wish these puddings stuck on your nose.”

Soon the puddings stuck on her nose.

His wife said, “You fool! Look what you have done. Do something.”

The woodcutter tried his level best to remove the puddings, but to no avail.

The woodcutter said, “There is only one thing to do. I wish the puddings were back on the plate.”

The puddings landed back on the plate.

The woodcutter and his wife were very upset to lose all the three wishes in vain.

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