Pinocchio | World Famous Fairy Tales

Old Geppetto was a good carpenter. Once, he found a piece of wood. He decided to carve a puppet from it.

He made a puppet of boy and named him ‘Pinocchio’. Old Geppetto felt very happy to see his son. Pinocchio had a long nose.

Pinocchio was very naughty. He would do one feat or the other.

One day, old Geppeto was fed up of his son’s daily pranks. So, he decided to send him to school.

Instead of going to school, Pinocchio sold his school books and went to see a puppet show. A large crowd had gathered there to watch the show. All of a sudden, the owner of the puppet show chanced to see Pinocchio.

Seeing another puppet the owner of the puppet show became very angry. But when Pinocchio said ‘sorry’ to the owner, he was very surprised to see a talking puppet. He smiled and gave him a few gold coins.

Taking the gold coins in a hand bag Pinochhio moved further. He came across a Cat and a Fox on the way. Both the Cat and the Fox wanted to snatch the gold coins from Pinocchio.

Later in the dead of night, the Cat and the Fox disguised themselves as robbers and tried to snatch the gold coins from Pinocchio.

A fairy who always helped Pinocchio came there to save him. He lied to her that he went to school daily. The more he lied, the longer his nose grew.

Still, Pinocchio did not change. Once, some boys tempted Pinocchio to go to the circus with them. Without thinking anything Pinocchio accompanied the boys to the circus.

There, the ringmaster turned them all to donkeys, for they all had misbehaved with the ringmaster. They all were on the horns of dilemma.

Somehow, Pinocchio escaped from there and jumped into the sea to regain his wooden figure. He regained it but swallowed by a whale.

Somehow, they succeeded in lighting a fire in the whale’s stomach. The smoke caused the whale to cough and with its force they both were thrown out.

Old Geppetto lost his senses. But Pinochhio did not lose courage and took him out of the water. Old Geppetto felt elated having been saved by his son. He patted the back of Pinocchio and blessed him.

Now, Pinochhio repented of all his mistakes. Next morning when he got up, his wooden figure was turned into a human boy.

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