The Stranger

The Stranger

At last, they reached the spring. They were surprised to see that the place was already occupied by a countryman who lay stretched on the ground. “Wake up, fellow!” cried Pao-shu, “There is money for you close by.” Then, they described to the stranger the exact place where the treasure was. Eagerly, the stranger rushed in search of the treasure. After some time, they were troubled by the angry voice of the stranger, “What trick have you played on me, you two?”

“What do you mean, man?” asked Ki-wu, astonished, “Did you not find the treasure we told you about?” “No,” the stranger said furiously, “but in its place was a monster snake, which I cut in two with my blade. If you think you could drive me from this place by such a trick, you were mistaken. I was first at this place and you have no right to give me orders.”

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