The Golden Nugget


“See!” they both said together and pointed towards the treasure. Ki-wu bent down and picked up the nugget. It was as large as a lemon, and was a little heavy. “It is yours, my dear friend,” said Ki-wu, as he handed over the nugget to Pao-shu; “yours because you saw it first.” “No, no,” answered Pao-shu, “you are wrong, my friend for you were the first to speak. It is your reward.” They joked for some time, each refusing to take the gold and insisted that it belonged to the other. Finally, they dropped the chunk of gold at the very spot where they had first spied it, and they went away.

Both of them were happy because they loved each other more than anything else in the world. “It was not for gold that we left the city,” exclaimed Ki-wu tenderly. “No,” replied Pao-shu, “one day in this forest is worth a thousand nuggets.” “Let us go and sit down near the spring on the rocks,” suggested Ki-wu.

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