The Two Friends

The Two Friends

Long ago, there lived in China two friends named Ki-wu and Pao-shu. They were always together and no unkind words passed between them. On a bright beautiful day in spring, Ki-wu and Pao-shu went for a walk together, for they were tired of the city noises. “Let us go into the pine forest,” said Ki-wu lightly, “There, we can forget about all our worries and lie on the moss-covered ground.” “Good!” said Pao-shu, “I am tired and we can rest in the forest.”

Happily, they passed along the winding road towards the woods looking at the treetops. Now, they came to the border of the woods, crossed a little stream, and moved towards the trees. For hours they walked, talking and laughing. While they passed through a clatter of bushes, they saw something shining. As they went close, they found a lump of gold.

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