The Story of Shishupal’s Birth

Udhav, Lord Krishna’s charioteer, asked Him, “How will the atrocities of Shishupal end?” Lord Krishna said, “Shishupal was born with three eyes and four arms. When he was born, a heavenly voice predicted that if he sat on a person’s lap, and his extra eye and arms would disappear, then, that man would be responsible for Shishupal’s end. Long ago, when I visited my aunt Satyavathi, Shishupal was an infant. I took him from the cradle and sat down with him on my lap. At that moment, his extra eye and arms disappeared. Then, my Aunt made me promise that I would pardon Shishupal a hundred times before I killed him. She also wanted that her son should go to Heaven after death. I had agreed to fulfil both her wishes.” Thus, Lord Krishna remained quiet at Shishupal’s insults at the Rajasuya Yajna.

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