More Adventures of Prince Ca­maral Zaman and Princess Ba­doura

Marzavan, the Princess’s foster brother got the Prince’s coat dipped in blood and left it on the road to dodge the King about his son’s death. Both left for China to the Princess. The Prince dressed as an astrologer entered the palace declaring that he would relieve the beautiful Princess of her ailment, who after recognizing the ring worn by the Prince was overjoyed that she found her love. The King became so elated that he allowed the Princess to be his wife and realized the identity of the Prince. Dreaming of his ailing father, the Prince immediately set out to his homeland. On the way, a bird snatched the talisman (symbol of good luck) worn by his Princess and swallowed. In pursuit of the bird, the Prince travelled very far and was lost. The Princess wore his dress and arrived at Ebony Islands. The ailing King, assuming her the Prince, got her married to his daughter.

Princess Badoura confided in the Princess that she was also a princess. Meanwhile, the Prince also arrived at the islands and started living with a gardener, waiting to go home.  The Princess after seeing the talisman in the cargo of a ship found out about her husband and ordered for him into the Palace. When she came in front of him in the woman’s (her real) attire, he recognized her at once. The King of China was persuaded by the Princess to allow the Princess of China to be the second wife of the Prince who was made the King of China. Each wife bore him a male child.

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