The Power

An illiterate man once had the power to grow ripe mangoes at will. So, he grew ripe mangoes on trees whenever he wanted. He used to eat some and distribute the rest. Once, a man came to the illiterate man to teach him how to perform this miracle. The illiterate man said, “All right; I will teach you but never misuse your power and tell a lie or you will lose your power.” The man agreed and the illiterate man taught him everything. The man happily started using the power. He started getting mangoes whenever he wished. He sold these mangoes and became very rich and famous. The king heard about him. He called the man and asked the reason for his success. The man lied and told him that he had studied scriptures. The king asked him for some ripe mangoes but the man could not give him the mangoes as he had lost his power.

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