The Pandavas’ Exile

The assembly of the kings was stunned at the miracle where Dushasan failed to disrobe Draupadi. Bheem declared, “I take an oath that I will tear open the Dushasan’s heart and drink his blood. I will break Duryodhan’s thigh as he tauntingly invited Draupadi to sit on it.” However, Dhritrashtra was frightened by the divine inference for Draupadi and Bheem’s oath. So, he apologised to Draupadi and released Draupadi and the Pandavas but put a condition for them to live in exile. The Pandavas had to go into exile for twelve years. Also in the thirteenth year, they had to live in disguise without being identified. If they were identified during the period of disguise, they had to go again for twelve years of exile and the thirteenth year in disguise.

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