Krishna and ‘Akshaya Patra’

The Pandavas were in exile after losing the deceitful act of gambling with the Kauravas. Draupadi prayed to the Sun-god and he gave her the Akshaya Patra or the divine bowl which would give food all day. After Draupadi had eaten, the bowl would not provide any food on the day. One day, Durvasa Muni, who was known for his quick anger, dropped in with thousands of disciples. As Draupadi had eaten her food, she prayed to Lord Krishna. Suddenly, Krishna appeared and asked Draupadi to bring the Akshaya Patra. He found a single grain of rice sticking to the side of the bowl and ate it. “Thank you, Draupadi. My stomach is full now.” He said and disappeared. Draupadi was confused. Meanwhile, Durvasa and his disciples arrived after bathing in the nearby river. They were all so full that they did not want anything to eat, and thus left peacefully. Draupadi thanked Lord Krishna for His help.

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