Ibrahim Bin Al-Mahdi and the Merchant’s Sister

Ibrahim bin Al-Mahdi was narrating the most remark-able thing he had ever seen, to his nephew–the Caliph Al-Maamun. One day when he was on a joyride, he smelt some tasty food from a house and went inside.

When he saw the wrist of a damsel, he wished to possess it. As he waited outside, he saw two men who were the best friends of the owner of the house entering the house and he too joined them.

They thought he was the owner’s friend too and the owner thought that he was the friend of his two friends. He gave sumptuous food and treated him well. There, he saw a beautiful damsel, the sister of the owner. She was playing upon the flute and he too played upon the flute after which the damsel was very happy.

When the owner came to know that he was the paternal uncle of the Caliph, he was overjoyed and offered him the hand of his sister, whose wrist Ibrahim had seen in the window.

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