The Chief of the Kus Police and the Sharper

A young man approached Ala Al-Din, the Chief of Police in his house with a chest upon his head. He told the Chief that the chest contained goods worth forty thousand dinars, not earned, in the legal way, and wanted in exchange one thousand dinars.

He said that he wanted to repent for the illegal ways through which he earned it. With these one thousand dinars, he would start some business and repent for all the wrongs he did.

The Chief was so overjoyed to see the gold pieces, gems and pearls that he called his treasurer to give the young man one thousand dinars immediately. The young man thanked him and left the place at night in the cover of darkness.

Next morning when the Chief called the Chief Goldsmith to verify the items in the chest, it all turned out to be fake; the gold was brass and the stones and the pearls, all duplicate. The Chief was enraged and sent his soldiers after the young man but he was never found.

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