The Mighty Messie

Messie was the strong highland cow. It lived with other cows in a big place. The cows lived happily but they were disturbed by the loud snoring of Messie. They warned Messie to get rid of this bad habit as it disturbed their sleep. If she did not stop snoring, she would have to leave the place. Messie tried her best but she could not stop snoring. The other cows had to ask Messie to leave the place. Messie had no option but to leave. Other cattle that lived around also wanted to capture that place but they were afraid of Messie. When they came to know that Messie had left the place, they captured the place. The cows now realized their mistake. They searched for Messie. They, at last, found her sleeping under a tree. They begged her to return to the place. Messie very happily returned to her friends. She chased the other cattle away. Now Messie continued to snore but now no one objected.

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