The Baby Crocodile and His Friends

Once upon a time, there lived a baby crocodile. He had a beautiful, shiny tail. The other crocodiles were very jealous of him and did not play with him. The baby crocodile was very lonely and was very sad. One day an idea struck him. He thought, ‘I have these beautiful scales on my tail but the other crocodiles don’t. Maybe that is why they don’t talk to me. I have a thousand scales. I can give away scales to all of them and make them happy.’ The next day the baby crocodile waited by the riverbank. When the other crocodiles came to bathe in the river, he timidly said, “Brothers, I have a wonderful idea. I will give each of you some scales from my tail. Will you then be my friend?” The other crocodiles were amazed at the baby crocodile’s generosity. They felt ashamed of their behaviour and promised to include him in their play.

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