A poor boy named Ma Liang loved to draw pictures everywhere.

One day, when Ma Liang woke up, he found a magic paintbrush lying on his desk with a note. He read the note, ‘Use the paintbrush to help the poor people.’

Ma Liang took the brush and made a picture of food for the hungry people. Suddenly, the food appeared. He drew a river near crops and it came to life. Thus, he helped the needy people.

A rich man came to know about the magic paintbrush. So, he stole it from Ma Liang. He drew gold coins with the brush but they did not come to life. He was very upset.

The rich man called for Ma Liang and asked him to draw a picture of a gold mountain. Ma Liang did not want to help the greedy rich man. So, he came up with an idea.

Ma Liang drew a sea first and then the gold mountain. The rich man got angry. He ordered, “I want to reach the gold mountain. Draw a ship quickly.”

Ma Liang smiled and quickly drew a big ship. The rich man jumped onto the ship and set off to the gold mountain.

When the ship was in the middle of the sea, Ma Liang drew a huge wave. The wave destroyed the ship and the greedy rich man never came back.

Ma Liang used the magic paintbrush to help the poor only.

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