The Magic Boat


Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Chang, a name which means ‘honest’. He lived with his mother and a white cat. Every day, he used to go to the forest and cut firewood for his mother. One day, while he was chopping the wood, he saw an old man falling from a single log bridge into the river. Chang rushed to save the old man. The old man was impressed with Chang’s bravery and unselfishness and gave him a small dragon boat.

Then the old man said, “Grow bigger! Grow bigger!!” Suddenly, the small boat turned into a large boat. When he said, “Grow smaller! Grow smaller!!” the boat became a toy. The old man left Chang with the toy boat and told him, “Whenever you need help, look at the east and call, ‘Grandfather! Grandfather!!’” Then, the old man disappeared.

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