The Giant Without a Head


Even though his head was cut off yet Punish Heaven did not die. Instead, he began searching for his head. As he searched, he smashed trees and boulders and caused great destruction. Now, the Celestial Emperor feared that, Punish Heaven would attack him if he found his head and put it back on his shoulders. So, the Emperor took his sword and sliced open Mount Chángyáng. He, then, threw the giant’s head into it, and closed it up again. Unexpectedly, Punish Heaven stopped looking for his head, and he held his shield and axe again.

The giant reached the palace. The Emperor was horrified to see him, as his teats seemed to turn into eyes, and his navel seemed to become a mouth. His face moved onto his trunk and he attacked more brutally than ever. The Emperor was scared and fled back to his palace. It is believed that to this day, Punish Heaven is causing destruction in the world.

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