The Rain


Now, came the rainy season. It rained continuously for ten days and ten nights. The water began to rise. Chang took out his boat and he uttered the magic words told by the old man. It turned into a big boat that he, his mother, and the cat could board. As they sailed on the rising waters, they found an ant, a bee and a crane that were being drowned. Chang saved each of them. After a few hours, they came across a man who was struggling in the water.

They saved him as well. The man’s name was Ying, which means ‘tricky’. Once aboard the boat he refused to help others. He stretched out on the deck and started giving orders to the others. When the rain stopped and the water level started decreasing, Chang returned to his village, and said the magic words. The boat changed into a toy. Ying saw this and wanted this magic boat.

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