The Futile Argument

Once, two hunters were looking around to hunt an animal. Suddenly, they saw a wild goose sitting on a tree. Both the hunters were excited to see the wild goose. Their mouths started watering looking at the plump goose. One hunter said, “We will make stew of the goose and enjoy it.” The other hunter said, “No! We will roast the goose and devour it.” The two hunters started arguing. Since, they could not resolve the matter, they went to their village chief. The village chief heard everything and said, “Why are you fighting? Roast half of the goose and make stew of the other half.” The hunters were happy at hearing this answer. They thanked the chief and went to the place where they had seen the goose. But to their disappointment, the goose had flown away. The two hunters returned empty-handed.

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