The Fox and the Crow | world Famous Aesop’s Fables

After a long search, a crow had found a piece of cheese lying on a window-sill. Diving down she grabbed it, and flew off towards the forest before the housewife saw her stealing the cheese.

She settled down on the branch of a shady tree and was looking forward to a delicious meal. She hadn’t any idea that a fox was lurking in the bushes below. But the sly fox had seen her and the thick slice of cheese too!

“How can I get that cheese from the crow?” wondered the fox, “I must do something fast, before she eats it up!” The fox came out into the clearing and looked up admiringly at the crow.

“Hello madam crow. Long time! How young and lovely you look, my dear,” he said. The crow looked down in surprise, but held the cheese firmly in her beak. “I have never seen anyone with such silky and sleek black feathers and shiny eyes!” said the sly fox, flattering the crow.

“You know I travel far and wide in the forest, and I see so many birds. But I haven’t seen any to match your beauty!” continued the fox, “You are truly a rare bird!” The crow felt delighted hearing herself praised so lavishly

“I am sure your voice matches your looks!” said the sly fox, “I don’t think any bird in the forest would have a
voice like yours, my dear! I would just give anything to hear you sing. You must sing for me!”

The crow was completely fooled by the false praise of the fox. ‘I am the most beautiful bird in the forest!’ she thought, ‘How wonderful! And this fox wants to hear me sing! Wow!’ The foolish crow was so carried away by the flattery that she puffed up her chest, threw back her head, fluttered her wings and she opened her mouth to sing.

Naturally, the cheese slipped out of her beak and the fox grabbed it promptly before it even hit the
ground. The crow looked sadly as the fox vanished into the bushes with the cheese. The crow was less affected by the loss of cheese than being trapped by flattery. ‘What a fool i am to have believed that wily fox!’ she thought.

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