The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor

The fifth voyage was different. It was my own built ship and I carried along the traders of different nationalities. When we anchored the first island, I saw the eggs of the crocodiles, so huge that the traders despite my warning cooked and ate them.

When the crocodiles saw the remains of their offspring, they chased us with huge rocks and damaged the ship so badly that I had to drift to an island holding onto a plank. There I saw an old man who requested me to carry him on my shoulders to cross the river, which I did.

To my horror I realized that he never wanted to get off my back and tightly held on. After several days, when he had drunk wine from the grapes, he loosened his grip and I threw him down and ran.

 After a few days, I met some merchants who were going back to Baghdad. By then I had accumulated so much wealth that I was ready to go back and help the poor and also enjoy the wealth I had amassed through trade.

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