Jarasandha’s Death

Lord Krishna noticed that Bheem was not able to defeat Jarasandha and called him aside. He told Bheem a secret about Jarasandha’s birth, “Jarasandha was born in two halves from two mothers. Seeing that the baby was useless, his father threw the two parts into the forest. These were found by a demoness named Jara. She managed to join the two halves and brought Jarasandha to life.” When the fight continued, Lord Krishna picked a twig up, broke it in two halves and threw the two halves far away from each other. This indicated that Jarasandha could be killed by reversing the manner in which he was born. Bheem grabbed hold of Jarasandha’s legs and split his body into two. He then threw them far away from each other so that they might not be joined again. After Jarasandha’s death, Lord Krishna put Jarasandha’s son upon the throne. Then He released all the kings and the princes who had been imprisoned by Jarasandha.

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