The Sixth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor

I had accumulated so much wealth that I need not have gone after wealth beyond the seas. All my people discouraged me. But I still decided to travel to a distant Indian port with an experienced Captain.

We sailed for a few days and were struck by a terrible storm when the ship was broken to pieces after hitting rocks in an island. We were all left with very little provision and knew our days were numbered.

I somehow gathered courage to explore. I found a cave through which I found a river flowing into a cave full of diamonds, rubies and precious stones.

I managed to make a raft of diamonds and rubies and started drifting along the course of the river for days I did not know. Some good people found me and took me to their King.

I realized that he was a kind, Indian king. Though I wanted to offer all my precious stones to him yet he never took them. Instead, he added more gifts and sent me by a good ship with slaves to Baghdad.

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