The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor

My fourth voyage started with a shipwreck and being drifted to an island full of black, small people. Six of us were taken into a hut and made to eat some herbs. I cleverly pretended to eat but other companions ate them and became totally insane.

They were fed with rice daily to make them fat. I managed to eat few morsels and grew thin daily. One day I escaped and ran for several days. Finally I reached a country full of good people and the king asked me to settle down there with a beautiful lady. I married her and lived happily.

My wife died, and as per the customs, I had to die too. I was lowered into a cave with some bread and water. Afterwards, I saw a lady being lowered inside too to die. I killed her and lived for more days with her bread and water.

After escaping through a crack in the rocks, I entered another place I collected precious stones from. I was rescued by a passing ship and brought to Baghdad.

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