The Division of the Cake

Once, two cats saw a piece of cake at the same time. Both started fighting over it. They did not want to share the cake. They saw a monkey near by and decided to ask him to divide the cake equally for them. They took the cake to the monkey and said, “Please divide the cake for us.” Now, the monkey saw the cake and wanted to eat it himself but somehow he controlled himself. He took the cake and divided it into two parts. But one part was bigger than the other. So, the monkey took a bite from the bigger piece to make it equal. But the piece became smaller in this process. Now, the monkey ate the other piece to make it smaller. In this way, the monkey kept eating the pieces till they were very small. Finally, he said, “I will eat these pieces as my fees.” Both the cats with their heads hung in disappoint-ment kept on looking at the crafty monkey.

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