The Brocade Coat


Mulla wore a special dress and set out to go to his friends in order to offer Eid greetings. Just then, his friend Badruddin came by. “Will you come with me?” asked Mulla. “I would look like your servant in these old clothes!” cried Badruddin. “You can wear my brocade coat, then,” said Mulla. So, Badruddin wore the coat and they went to Jamal’s house. “Meet Badruddin. This brocade coat he is wearing is mine,” said Mulla. Jamal smiled but Badruddin was shocked. “Your friend must be thinking that I am a beggar. That’s unfair!” Badruddin whispered to Mulla. Next, they went to Akber’s house. “This is Badruddin. The brocade coat he is wearing is not mine,” said Mulla. “Don’t say anything about the coat!” pleaded Badruddin. Then, they went to Amanulla’s house. “He is Badruddin. I won’t say anything about the coat he is wearing,” said Mulla. Amanulla laughed. But Badruddin just stared at Mulla, not knowing what to say to him.

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