Mulla, the Ghost


Once, Mulla was suffering from stomach upset. The hakim had advised him to take long walks in mornings and evenings. One late evening, Mulla had walked far away from the city. When he saw three men pointing at him, he turned around and walked briskly. Those men were criminals and they wanted to rob Mulla. As he turned around the corner, Mulla ran into a nearby burial ground and lay in a half-dug grave. Meanwhile, the criminals followed him to the grave. “Are you hiding from us?” one of them asked. With very little lip movement, Mulla said, “Last week I died and was buried here. Sometimes, I come out to cool myself as it gets hot down here. Even the dead need a little walking around, you know!” The criminals looked horrified! “Ghost!” they screamed and ran, leaving behind their spears and daggers. Mulla took them as the mementoes of the time when he played dead.

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