The Lamb and the House


Three rouges had moved into Mulla’s neighbourhood. They saw his lamb and wanted to eat its meat. One day, they said to Mulla, “Great tragedy! Have you heard that the world is coming to an end tonight?” “It’s dreadful!” said Mulla. “Yes! Let’s make these final moments memorable. We can roast your lamb and make its life useful. It is going to die anyway tonight,” said one of the rogues. “I’ll sacrifice my lamb if you arrange the rest of the things,” said Mulla. The rogues went to the bazaar, laughing at Mulla’s foolishness. When they returned, their house was on fire! “My lamb ran away and it was difficult to look for it in darkness. So, I set fire to your house to light up the area. You won’t need it anymore as the world is coming to an end tonight,” said Mulla. The rogues sat down and cried as Mulla had brought a real tragedy on them.

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