The Boy and the Door

Once, a mother told her son that she was going out. She told him to guard the door. The boy agreed. But she had gone for a very long time. So, the worried boy decided to look for her. But he had promised to guard the door, so he took the door off of its hinges and carried it along. On the way, he saw some robbers carrying a heavy sack of money. Frightened, he climbed up a tree. But the robbers stopped under the same tree. The chief counted the money saying, “This is for you, and this is for you.” “And that one’s for me,” cried the boy. The robbers looked around, but could not see anyone. “Who is there? I will wring your neck!” shouted the chief robber. The boy was scared and dropped the door on the robbers. The robbers got frightened and ran away without their money. The lucky boy took all the money home.

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