Small Duckweed


Common name : Small Duckweed

Scientific name : Lemna minor

Family : Araceae

Native land : Africa, Asia, Europe and North America

Duckweeds are small, free-floating aquatic perennials that combine to form a green ‘carpet’ on the surface of the water. Each plant consists of a single, rounded, leaf-like body. It is the smallest flowering plant. Duckweed has no stems and no leaves. Some may have tiny roots. They grow best in nutrient-rich waters and are common in garden ponds. Duckweed does not flower frequently, and usually reproduces by budding on the margin or base of the ‘fronds’. Duckweed is eaten by people in Thailand. It is used as a feed for fish (carp), poultry (chickens, ducks), livestock (pigs).

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