Sorrel (Garden)


Common name : Garden Sorrel, Common Sorrel, Sour Dock

Scientific name : Rumexacetosa

Family : Polygonaceae

Native land : North Temperate Arctic Regions

It is an erect perennial with edible, sour-tasting oblong leaves. The leaves are arrow-shaped at the base. Small reddish flowers appear in a narrow panicle or raceme. Plants form foliage clumps with three-foot-long leafy stems. Fresh young leaves are added to salads, sauces, soups, cream cheese and egg dishes, or pureed to add colour and acidity to mayonnaise. The juice is used to remove rust, mould, and ink stains from linen, wood, silver, and wicker. The deep roots of this herb may make it difficult to eradicate once it is well established.

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