Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

The Astrapia mayeri (scientific name) or ribbon-tailed astrapia is native to the Sub-Alpine forests in the Western part of Papua New Guinea. 12.5 inches in length (not including its tail) it is the latest addition to the birds of paradise. The plumage is dark glossy black, with the head being an iridescent olive-green and bronze, while the female has brown plumage with an iridescent head. The male also has a decorative ‘ball’ plume above the beak and two (over 40 inches long) ribbon-like tail feathers. Its diet consists of fruits and insects which it digs out of the ground and trees with its beak. Males are polygamous in nature. The clutch has only 1 egg incubated for 3 weeks. Its IUCN listing is NEAR THREATENED.

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