How To Develop Reading Skills In Children – 4 Practical Steps

Reading Skills

As an avid reader, I have to say that books were there for me, always. Just to escape any situation, I would read a book and feel calm. Books would offer me comfort at tough times and make me smile. They have always been a sort of escape for me from stress and daily struggles and in the same way, reading them can help anyone. People who don’t read are seriously missing out on a lot of stuff.

Visiting a library on bad days instantly lightens up my mood. It’s a different type of joy to be surrounded by books. But, even though casual reading in itself is fun, reading is a lot more than that. Imagining the scenarios that the characters are in, feeling the emotions of the characters and the writer, exploring the meaning of the sentences, etc, there is so much that books have to offer if they are read with the proper techniques. So you should know how to develop your reading skills so that you can make the best use of them and enjoy reading to the fullest.

Want to know more about How to develop Reading Habits?. Continue reading and find out.

Importance Of Reading Habit

Reading can make significant changes in your life and can improve your life in many different ways. It helps in good mental health and peace, personal development. Children who start reading early on in life get better at it as they grow. They are more comfortable talking and have good control over their speech and writing skills. People who read often and deal with depression and anxiety feel calm and relaxed when they read. Reading has proved to be therapeutic for people who deal with mental health issues.

How to Develop Reading Skills

1. Just Start

Taking the first step is always tough. Whenever we start anything new, our mind gives up even before starting. Don’t let that happen. Just pick up a book and start reading without any hesitation.

2. Find The Right Book For The Little Ones

Alright, this is tough but finding the right book for yourself is the key that will unlock the door to your reading skills. Getting started with the right book will help you focus more on the subject and will make reading fun for you. You will be able to read more content /pages if the book you are reading falls in your favourite genre.

3. Give Them Time

Rushing a task has never done anyone any good. That is why it is important to take your time to develop your reading habit. Go at your own pace, find a suitable time to read your book. So encourage your kids time to read, even if it’s just one chapter in a day.

4. Introduce Your Kids To E-Books

E-books are a great way to make your children make more curious about reading books. Technology might lure them to spend more time with books eventually. Research for kids’ book on google. Find more about the books that might interest your children. Read about how other people have developed their skills so that you get inspired. Follow accounts that are related to books. Watch YouTubers who talk about book-related queries. Engage as much as you can with websites and links related to your favourite genre of reading.

Importance Of Reading Habit

1. Helps For Better Concentration Level

Most people feel sleepy as soon as they open any book. But if you want to develop the reading skills you have to let go of this thought and read with an open mind. You will notice your concentration gradually increasing. Reading also helps to improve your memory and concentration while simultaneously increasing your analytical skills. Reading helps you focus on one task for as long as possible.

2. Stress Buster

Books are known to be perfect stress busters. Reading a book can take your mind away from things that are troubling you. Even if it’s for an hour your mind is transported to a different imaginary world where none of your worries and stress can trouble you. It also relaxes your mind.

3. Helps Gain Knowledge

Reading books, especially educational ones, develops your mind. Reading different types of books can help you gain knowledge about different types of topics. Reading also boosts your memory, helping you to retain information for a long time.

4. Helps You Unleash Your Creativity

Books are like a door to heaven for readers. While reading a book we always try to imagine whatever is written. We like to imagine the scenarios, the feelings of the characters, the story, the setting of that scene etc.

5. Vocabulary Upgrade

Reading books can help increase your ability in learning new words and expand your knowledge. You will be able to use these words in everyday life, school debates, job interviews, formal conversations etc.

How to Develop Reading Habit in Students

1. Let The Students Pick A Book Of Their Choice

It is important to let students pick a book of their choice. Forcing them to read a book that does not interest them is probably not a good idea. With a book of their choice, students are like to read it with interest and read it regularly. Students are likely to treat not interesting books as schoolwork and give up reading them.

2. Tell Them To Make Notes

To understand what a student is reading, ask them to make notes about sentences they don’t understand or need help understanding. Ask them to make notes of words that they find difficult. Ask them to make notes of what they understood from the book. Making notes will make them read the book more carefully and deeply.

3. Start A Book Club For Your Students

A book club will help students to interact with each other and learn about the reading experience of others. This will motivate them to read and make it a daily habit. The environment in book clubs is relaxed and open so a student is free to share their problems with his or her classmates.

4. Talk About Your Experience

Students look up to their teachers and the adults in their life. Sharing your experiences about reading can help them give them that little push needed to start reading. Tell them about how you started reading, about your favourite book, what have you gained from reading etc.


Hurry up, what are you waiting for?. After reading all of this, I’m sure you want to read a book now. Even if not a whole book, just a page is enough. Comment what you thought about the article below. Share it with all the non-readers so that they can get into book reading.


Does Reading Make You A Smarter Person?

Of course. Reading is a habit that cultivates curiosity and creativity in children from a very young age. Thus, making them curious about almost every aspect of school life and subjects. Investing in books for your children would be a great investment for the future and will help them emerge a smarter and brighter adults.

How Can I Improve My Child’s Reading?

If your child is slow at reading or lacks enthusiasm, you can give a boost to his reading by letting him choose a book by him, one of his favourites. Help them to read a bit every day and night at bedtime. This will make them regular readers and will foster a strong reading habit throughout their life.

Why Is Reading A Good Habit For Children?

Reading is considered a good habit throughout the world and generations. Reading is actually a pleasant and lovely activity for kids as well as younger ones. If you develop reading habits from a very early age in your children, it will help them manage tough situations in a curious and smarter way.

What Age Should A Child Read Fluently?

The age varies for each child when it comes to reading fluently. Some might be fluent at the age of 5 and other at the age of 6 or 8.

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