Marabou Stork

The Leptoptilos crumeniferus (scientific name) or marabou stork is found in wet and arid regions near human waste sites, south of the Sahara, Africa. 60 inches in height, it is also known as the undertaker bird because of its physical attributes. It has black cloak-like wings and upper body, thin white legs and a mass of white feathers which look like ‘hair’. The underparts are white. It has a bare neck and reddish neck-pouch. Not fussy about food, they are essentially scavengers which eat animal carcasses. But they also eat frogs, termites, fish, snakes, rodents, young flamingos, nestlings, etc. Colonial breeders, the marabou stork’s clutch has 2-3 eggs which are incubated for 29-30 days by the female alone. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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