Narada, the Creator of Mischief

Satyabhama was proud and vain of her good looks. She prided herself on her pure love for Krishna and yet she was jealous of Rukmini, the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. However, Rukmini let nothing come in the way of her devotion to Krishna and served Him with love and devotion. One day, Sage Narada, the creator of mischief, came to Dwarka. He met Satyabhama and asked her innocently, “Is it really true that Lord Krishna loves Rukmini more than you?” Satyabhama was shocked! “You are far more beautiful and charming than her. Don’t you think you deserve more attention?” asked Narada again. “What should I do to gain His undivided attention? You are my only hope now, divine Sage,” she pleaded with him. Narada who was always eager to cause confusion, said, “That is my whole point of visit. I have a great plan to bring Krishna back to you.” Satyabhama listened attentively.

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