The Sparrow and the Eagle

Once when a sparrow was flying, he found a herd of sheep below him and an eagle descending down on the sheep. The eagle caught hold of a small lamb and swiftly carried it away to eat.

This sight emboldened the sparrow to think that he could also do the feat of the eagle. He did not realize the folly of trying to ape someone whom one is not. He descended on the back of a fat ram and got entangled in the thick fleece and dung.

Once he knew that he was entrapped, he tried very hard to extricate himself from the wool but failed miserably. The shepherd was watching all this. Much to his amusement, he took hold of the tiny sparrow, and threw it down.

The crow told the fox that he should not try to ape someone; else he would only meet with the fate of the sparrow. The fox left the crow with anger, saying that the crow was more cunning than he himself. The Sultan was so happy to hear the fable. Shahrazad continued with a new story of The Hedgehog and the wood-pigeon.

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