The Hedgehog and the Wood-Pi­geons

There lived a hedgehog along with his wife beside a palm tree. On the palm tree was a nest built by the wood-pigeon where he lived happily with his wife. The hedgehog started becoming envious of the pigeon as the latter was able to eat the fruit of the date tree as much as he wanted.

The hedgehog planned to deceive the pigeon and make him give fruit of the date tree. So, he built an oratory beside the palm tree and after making himself comfortable. He started to pretend as if he had meditating. When the pigeon saw this, he asked the hedgehog why he was meditating.

He answered that he wanted to teach people the right path in life, and that the pigeon should shake the tree so that the dates might fall on the ground. When the dates fell on the ground, the hedgehog took all away to his house and invited the pigeon to enter his house and check.

When the pigeon entered, the hedgehog showed his true self and wanted to eat the bird. The pigeon advised that a tragedy would befall him, if he did anything wrong, as with the merchant and two sharpers.

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