Nadira and the Tree

Nadira has been sick for a long time. Everyday the doctor came in the morning and examined Nadira. “You’ll soon be fine, dear,” he assured her. But Nadira showed no sign of recovery. From her bed, Nadira watched the old mango tree that her grandfather had planted years back. One evening, Nadira looked at the tree and remembered her grandpa sitting under the tree in his armchair. “I wish he was here. He could have asked the tree to cure me of my sickness,” she sighed. Suddenly, there was a cracking sound and out came a tiny man from the tree. He hopped in through the window and sat near Nadira. “Who are you?” asked a frightened Naidra. “Don’t panic. I’m the tree and mean no harm,” said the dwarf. Nadira felt a chill running through her as the dwarf rubbed some herbs all over her body. She dozed off to sleep. Next morning, Nadira woke up and felt refreshed. Her body was not in pain anymore. Quite thrilled, Nadira ran down to tell her parents!

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