A Giraffe with a Red Cap

Gertie and her baby Freddie were the two giraffes of the zoo. Every day people woluld come to the zoo to see animals. They also loved to see these two giraffes. Gertie and Freddie also loved to see people. They would stand by their bars and people came to have a look at them. One day, a group of school children came to zoo to see animals. They came to see the giraffes. The children were wearing red caps. The red cap fascinated Gertie. She wished that Freddie could wear the same cap. Gertie made use of her long neck. While the children were laughing and talking to each other, Gertie thrust her long neck outside the bars and pulled off a little boy’s cap. She placed the cap on Freddie’s head. The little boy began to cry for his cap. The teacher told the zookeepers to get back the cap from the giraffe. The zookeepers tried their best but Gertie didn’t not return the cap. A new cap was bought for the little boy. Freddie wore the red cap every day.

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